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    Interesting site on the Feilbach Motorcycle History. The newest AMCA Magazine did a little article on the 1914 Limited since it recently sold in Las Vegas*(Bonham's)*for $180,000.00. Didn't Todd Bertrang own 2 0r 3. Feilbach's all at one time? Holy S**T!!! $$$$$$$$ )-: *M.A.D.*
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    Yes, he had some before his troubles.
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    I remember watching him tying to start one at Davenport in the 1990's. Never got it going. I talked to a member of the Feilbach family who lived near me and they were really pissed that that bike was sold by their uncle. Some members of the family wanted it to remain in the family. Can't blame them.

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    The pre-3 speed transmission era produced some of the most beautiful motorcycles made (in my opinion). The Feilbach is right there with Thor, Yale, Henderson, Excelsior, H-D, and my favorite, the Indian Hendee Special of 1914. That's a pity that the Feilbach family lost that irreplaceable piece of heritage. That uncle would have been off my Christmas card list, that's for damn sure
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    I agree that the Feilbach Limited is one of the coolest antique motorcycles around. To me it looks more Harley-Davidson than the real Harley-Davidsons of the day. Maybe it's the big "FL" on the front chainguard that does it. The most unique model was the 1914 two-speed with final shaft drive. I don't think any of those have survived. Too bad.

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