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Thread: WLA 12 volt help Please!

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    Default WLA 12 volt help Please!

    I've looked everywhere I can think of for the answer to this problem. I thing figuring it out will help a lot of us in the future. Simple problem probably.
    I converted my WLA to 12 volt since it basically had no electrics when I got it. So, I have a Cycle Electric 12 volt generator, a 12 volt Bosch regulator and the wiring harness.See attached photo.

    I've seen multiple answers to this but no consensus. When I get it figured out, I promise to make the definitive drawing of the connections because, right now, I don't think there is one.

    Please see the drawing, and tell me what wires connect to where. You'll be helping the future of humanity. Really!
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    I have four questions:

    1) What have you written next to the two terminals at the left of the Bosch regulator (it's illegible)?
    2) What is the part number of the Bosch regulator and what did the instructions that came with it tell you to connect to the terminals?
    3) What is at the other end of the black, red and green wires?
    4) I can guess what the 'A' and 'F' terminals on your generator are for, but instead of guessing, what did the instructions from the company tell you to attached to those two terminals?

    If your answer to any of the above is that you threw away the instructions (or can't find them), you have my sympathy as well as by best wishes that someone else will be willing to spend their time reconstructing what was on those missing pieces of paper.

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    D+ goes to A on generator
    DF goes to F on generator
    B+ goes to battery, or in your case to the wire that would have connected to the relay output which goes to the switch. See the factory wiring diagram in your manual for colors.
    61 is idiot light post.
    You will have an extra wire in your harness which used to connect the 3rd brush. It is not used or connected on either end.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Hey Robone,

    Sounds like it is more simple than I was trying to make it.

    I have multiple diagrams, all a little different. The directions that came with each component are all a little different too. I think they're meant for Panheads and 3 brush generators.

    Extra parts and wires bother me...

    I don't want to fry new parts.

    Thank you for your input. That will work. Leave out the extra wire.

    Thanks again Rubone

    When it all works, I'm making my own diagram for this conversion. Save the next poor shmuck a lot of time.

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