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Thread: Help with retaining part or cash from New Zealand

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    Default Help with retaining part or cash from New Zealand

    Hi- this is my last resort having tried many time to settle this issue quietly.

    Short story- I buy a repop toolbox for my 1916 HD twin, send money and receive the toolbox. Toolbox is however not up to standards for my rebuild With many unacceptable deviations from the original part. I contact the seller and he agrees to refund- just send toolbox back. So I do, after all we trust eachother in this community and since then there has been no response- I tracked the toolbox and it has been delivered to him. I find it unfair that I now have neither a toolbox nor the 600NZ$ I paid. I have sent numerous e-mails and tried to find his Telephone number but it is dead silent. I would appreciate any help from the NZ community to resolve this issue or other who could put me in contact with him. To me this is not how we behave or should behave.

    I will at first not disclose his name here- send me a PM if you can possibly help and I will send the name and address of the guy which has a first name starting with K and last name starting with L.


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    I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about and I don't know who I can get to help you with this one.
    E-mail me at and we can discuss it a lot more freely.
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