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    Default Honda model A

    Looking for any info on model A Honda bicycle motors
    Production numbers ,years manufactured vin number identification etc. also any motor drawings pictures etc.

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    Hey Art, Jason here.

    I've been digging through the net, trying to find pics and info, and there's almost nothing.

    Best I could find were some photos from some bikes in Japan. But with these photos, perhaps we can ascertain that the early VIN stamping methodology had nothing to do with the year of manufacture. Here's my best guess, the VINs are simply sequential. Number one was stamped as such, and so on.

    There's two Type A's in the Honda collection hall, for simplicity sake, I'll refer to them as brown and green (tank colors). The brown one, if we zoom in on the pic, I believe I can make out the VIN of "1970" (obviously, not the year, but maybe 1970th one made). Green one, if we zoom in, I believe I can make out the VIN of "3148". I found a pic of a third one, VIN "4149"

    Although not the same machine, but made during the same general production era, the Honda Collection Hall's "Type C" has a VIN of: 257259. That's even more perplexing, because I'm sure Honda didn't make over a quarter million Type C's, so maybe there is no rhyme or reason on these early VINs.

    High Res Type A collection Hall.jpgGreen Type A.jpgCollection Hall C.JPGimage.jpg

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