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Thread: 1940 Indian 4 wiring harness

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    Default 1940 Indian 4 wiring harness

    Hi, just joined the AMCA, and have finished restoring a 1947 chief, as well as I just purchased an older restored 1940 Indian 4. The bike was built by Ken young in California in the mid 80's then sat in an office for 30 years. The bike runs great, but I stripped off all the tins, and am in the process of reprinting the bike. I want to install a new wiring harness, and am looking for guidance on who makes the best, Most accurate and complete kit.

    I will be installing the correct speedo, new black rims and new tires, the correct tool box, and just trying to make it as correct as possible,
    Thanks image.jpgfor any help with the harness supplier.

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    Very nice find!

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    When I got my 40 a few years ago it was only wired to run. Nothing else. I went online and found someone that claimed to have what I needed. Ordered it and waited........and waited.......and waited. After numerous unanswered emails I took a chief harness I already had from a swap meet but never used and adapted it to work. Had a short wire here and an extra there but it got the job done. Couple months after I was done it showed up in the mail. 5 months after it was ordered. Check your messages.
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    Try Jerry Greer:


    I've never been disappointed with their stuff.

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    Howdy sir,

    Don't know if that "correct" involves installing the right header (if repop, make sure it doesn't have the raised peripheral ridge around the rear spigot where the muffle abuts) preheat tubes but if you get to that pm, me a new installation can be a bit involved and put your fragile intake manifold at risk.

    At any rate, wiring harness: done both of mine and several others with a combination of Bruce Lindsay and NOS as these were sold a la carte at the time. The NOS came from Jim Sutter if that tells you how long ago. If you are going to ride this machine much I'd encourage you to dispense with the stock setup with the two tube fuses, it doesn't actually fuse your whole system anyway (rear brake light). On the 440 I replaced the individual fuse holders with metal bridge connectors and then fused the whole system with a GM mini fuse inside a hollowed out Indian battery box containing two Shorei Lithium Iron batteries wired in parallel.

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    Hi I was very satisfied with Hummer Emporium, correct colored wires, extra wires & every wire with pull off paper tags for easy install

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    Hi Peter, thanks for the reply. I have a new repo exhaust manifold and I was going to change it out, but was told to leave the exxaustvthatci have on as you do not need any heat at the intake, and most guys block the crossover off. The engine also does not have nickel plated heads as well, so those 2 items will be incorrect. If I sell the bike down the road the new parts will go with the bike.
    I was told if I change the intake and exhaust that they both need to go on together.
    Thanks again for responding to my ost

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    Hummer Emporium was advised of their incorrect wiring colors years ago and they still have not changed. You can order wire and get loom work done at Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. I think it should be the 40's lucas pattern with the color mentioned as the tracer,but you can call Robin Markey and ask him.

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    Rhode Island wiring is near my house & I have visited, nice operation but not cheap. I did not know that Hummer had incorrect colors however for $ 68.00 I am not complaining.

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    Howdy sir,

    Preheating the manifold aids some in drive ability on a cold motor but is not absolutely essential, especially when considering the expense and fiddliness involved in installing this setup. Will say installing the later Linkert M441 over the original DLX124 also helps in improving motor drive ability as much as anything.

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