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Thread: I.D. that bike

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    Default I.D. that bike

    Would it be too elementary of me to ask for a "quiz" thread?
    I'm still learning what's what on Indians, and often grab a book (Iron Redskin, Hatfield's) to find what year they changed to, for instance, the trailing link front fork. I'm interested also in learning the year progression of knucklehead changes. Some folks have mentored me at the meets, but this study is year-round, and I know I could learn a lot from the rest of you.
    On Facebook (yeah, I admit it) I like to try naming the year, and why, of some bikes. Nobody else wants to play.
    If someone posted a picture of a 25 Scout I could get it within 3 years, I think. Early 30's chiefs are still a mystery to me. I'm guessing most other makes by whether they have a front brake, or transmission, or size of tires.
    Why have I been in this club for 26 years if I'm still clue-less?
    How about a quiz thread? or ID that bike?
    thx for your consideration.

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    I think that is a good idea, filibuster and could be fun too. I think it would be interesting for someone to post a few good pictures of a bike, and then let people guess the year, and what distinctive, (or obscure) features are particular to that year. I think the details of a certain year are what make bikes interesting. Good examples are bikes like '51, and '52 H-D FLs, or '32, and '33 Indian Fours. There are a number of bikes that are almost identical over a few years, so it would be interesting for knowledgeable people to reveal the differences.
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