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Thread: Antique Motorcycle Heritage: Where do we start?

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    Default Antique Motorcycle Heritage: Where do we start?

    Hi Folks:

    Just wanted to take a first step in the idea of an Antique Motorcycle Heritage Project. That step could any number of things from looking at other heritage web sites to just asking for open input. I thought maybe we could start by using this thread as a base for AMCA members to make a list through your replies of anything and every subject associated with antique motorcycles. I am going to start the conversation with just three subjects off the top of my head and you all can add to it. Lets try not to exclude anything at this point and just include anything that comes to mind.

    - Motorcycle Brands
    - Motorcycle Dealers
    - Industry Technical References

    Mike Love
    AMCA # 19097

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    In the original thread from the ideas forum Thomas Bund suggested a way to collect our antique motorcycle heritage. One reply to Thomas' post was from Eric Smith who said,

    "Just curious, how you are going to structure this new forum category? Personally, I think it should be done by marque so contributions go into a particular brand's basket. If a member wants to search for info on a Wagner, for example; they shouldn't have to wade through other brand information. The search engine here is not very good, so categories for individual marques would simplify that chore."

    This maybe the best way to get a start is to have a depository for the antique motorcycle manufacturers listed. Then within a category of manufacturer you can have models and any other sub section such as technical bulletins, manuals, catalogs, dealers, former or current factories, clubs and significant historical sites to visit and any other reference.

    Any thoughts on this approach?

    Mike Love
    AMCA# 19097

    Any thoughts on this initial thought

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