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Thread: Pretending to know what I am doing - 1947 FL

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    Quote Originally Posted by govmule84 View Post
    Yeah, I know the lower rails are often destroyed, but I don't know why. Is it just from riding the bikes offroad?

    I assumed at least one wheel was incorrect. The only way I'll change one would be the rear, and that's only if the hub is destroyed.

    The bike wears Speed Grips now, I always thought that was a late fifties/early sixties tire.

    The light is probably a shelf item. Repop taillights never killed anyone.

    I'm not going to be drilling on the frame... I'm sure the water will exit just fine when the rails get cut out!
    I have a source for NOS taillights. PM and I will give you the source. I do not want to make it public. He may also have the rear brake parts as well. I will also help anyway I can with trades to keep your money down.
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