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Thread: Pretending to know what I am doing - 1947 FL

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    Quote Originally Posted by T. Cotten View Post
    But Govmule84,

    The whole thing has to be assembled and running for the propane trick, and it won't pin-point the problem if there is one.
    And it won't detect a tiny leak, which can be the most diabolical.

    (One of my locals doing modern bikes uses a CO2 fire extinguisher, and can tell which side of the bike maybe...)

    You don't want to take it back apart do you?
    Better to find it now on the bench?
    (No bubbles, don't fix it.)

    PS: Interview? Article?
    Not to worry! Like I said, one of us will be pressure testing it. I was just mentioning that I have had good luck with propane, too.

    And yeah, a few years ago I interviewed you for an article I wrote. I'll PM you to see if I can jog your memory.

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    I admit, Govmule84,

    Propane is the best way to check for leakage at the carb/manifold junction, and throttle shaft, as they cannot be bubble-tested.

    I just hate for you to assemble twice, when you might sleep better after a check on the bench.

    PS: I didn't know I did interviews (other than that assault charge thing....)

    It better not have a photo of me.

    PPS: Got your email... (in my spam filter!)

    That was an "interview"?
    Please remember: "The Yucky Urinal barred me a long time ago for punctuation.
    Then they barred the “moderator” who barred me, too."
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