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    I started to disassemble my 1926 74" engine today. When removing the intake valves a charred gasket came out where the valve seats. Did the Motor Co. Use these? If so am I going to find these on the exhaust valves also? I can't find them in my parts book. Is there a exploded view of this engine available? Thanks in advance.

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    The moco suggested using plumbago as a sealer on the intake housings. A paste mixture of carbon and grease.

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    Otis, I would appreciate a pic of that. It probably isn't a valve seat, but a gasket to seal the housing where it seats in the cylinder. I have a 1918 engine book where they talk of lapping get the housing to the cylinder. Your trying to seal lthat area plus the top at the big nut.
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    It appeared to come from the machined groove in the valve and the pocket but sort of just fell apart. The engine still had some compression.
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    I found what I believe they are on eBay (262636221555). They call them intake valve housing seals and are made of copper. The ones I removed were made of a gasket material.

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    I have worked on a lot of pocket valve Harleys and have never seen or fitted any seals of any type under the inlet cage.
    They are lapped into place using the tool in the attached photos.
    This is a genuine factory H.D. tool that was supplied to the dealers to do the job.
    You may be getting confused with the copper/asbestos washer that seals the inlet nipple to the cylinder.
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    You are right Dan, they are inlet housing gaskets. Does anyone know the part number? I can't find them in the parts book.

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    There is no part #. As Tommo said, the inlet housing is lapped into the cylinder, and no gasket was used. I did my '16 J last year and followed the instructions from Harley-Davidson's "Motor Repair Manual" circa 1918. No leaks, worked good.
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