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    So a trip to Wheels through Time finally encouraged me to knock the dust off a '28 J that I picked up when stationed in Northern Japan. This bike was sitting in a barn in the middle of a rice field and through a close Japanese friend I was introduced to the owner who rode a '36 FL with a Ricco engine. It took 3 years of American whisky, coffee, and chocolate cakes to talk him into letting go....this was 28 years ago. It's in pieces now but I'm ready to start gathering the missing parts. Planning to head to Jefferson PA at the end of the month...hope it's a good swap meet. I'm thinking because the tanks have a lot of glass on them they'll need replaced, pistons are missing as are the carb & manifold, the seat pan a seat are toast and there's one good floorboard. I did pick up a set of original rims and front/rear fenders a while back along with a re-pop battery box and some hand grips.

    Anyway...just a newbee looking for some wisdom.


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    Heathers Leathers did my '41 seat. Search EBAY under Harley JD for carb, manifold, etc. Your 28 J looks great.

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    Thanks for the info Ken.
    Went to the the swap meet in Jefferson PA over the weekend hunting a carb and manifold...only the hearty & dedicated stuck it out with all the rain but I did get a couple contacts.

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