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Thread: Tachometer Cable Hole

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    Default Tachometer Cable Hole

    I'm installing a correct tachometer on my '64 CH and have the corresponding headlight bracket P/N 67809-59A. These brackets came with and without the rear slot for the tachometer cable passage, depending on whether or not the bike had the optional tachometer. One thing that I've noticed over many years is that almost all of the early headlight brackets that I've come across for tachometer mounted models have a cable slot that is offset to the right side and not along the bracket's center line. My bracket for this bike has the offset slot as well and I must cut a new slot in order to allow the tach cable to correctly pass through it.

    My guess is that the offset slot must have been for the passage of some accessory other than the tachometer cable, but I can't figure out what that might have been. Does anyone know what this offset slot was for?

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    Bill the correct tach is offset so it should lay right into the slot on the bracket.

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