Ok, so I have been trying to come up with the correct seat post springs for my 26 JD for a few months now and I am getting frustrated. I have narrowed down the spring sizes to the following;

Upper spring inside plunger 4 3/8" (.900" OD)
Lower spring inside plunger 2 3/4" (.900" OD)
Lower main spring 14" (1.000" OD

Where I am running into issues is locating springs with the correct spring rates (lbs/in). Since the upper spring (4 3/8") and lower main spring (14") are stacked in series it significantly reduces the spring rate of the total.

My thinking has coming up with a target spring rate of 180-200 lbs/in. I am really guessing at this number so if anyone has some insight that would be great.

I have already spoke with David Croft and he does not make springs for JD's and he mentioned he is getting out of the business. I have also contacted several spring manufactures regarding custom springs. The best I can come up with is a combined spring rate of 125 lbs/in.

So in all my questions is where have other people sourced their JD seat post springs and could you please share this information.