Hi there fellow Antique Motorcycle enthusiasts, I have several very Rare and ORIGINAL Indian literature and magazines. Some of this is RACE stuff some not. Even an Indian Tools catalog.
The first two are "Speedogram"s and says "Vic. Barclay Makes Sensational Record Ride on 1926 INDIAN Prince Melbourne to Sydney, Australia 565 MILES EXACTLY 18 HOURS" and then goes into details about time and details. The second one says "February 16 1926 INDIAN SUCCESSES In Switzerland as Reported by Kehrer & Co. Indian Disrubitors for Switzerland" and goes on to list the successes during the 1925 season, both Hill Climb events and the Swiss Endurance Grand Prix and the Swiss Flying Kilo Record Attempts. !
I also have two original "Indian Mortorcycle News " from 1943. one is June-July Vol.X No.III and has many cool articles with LOTS about the WAC ! The cover is loose and a mouse ate the upper right corner. but still a very historic magazine.19 pages. The second one is also from 1943 but the cover is missing, but the first page is "RACING TIME with Canon Ball Baker" Six pages of article and great pictures of the legend himself ! Including a picture of his special Rotary Valve motor after his 1941 transcontinental ride! Lots of other great pictures of races and rallies ! 18 pages old and fragile the first page has a little damage around the edges, but still very collectable and readable.
Another item I have is a two page "Contact Points" factory/Dealer notice or sales bulletin. No 411 October 5, 1932 and says "Indian Pony Express! A New Profit-Maker for Live-Wire Indian Dealers." it then goes about describing the specifications of the new "Side Van" (Side Car to us) to be attached to your Scout Pony ! The next page says "The Scout Pony Express a New Commercial Field" and talks about the introduction of this new product and how to make the sale . And the last page has "A Message of Importance " about how to avoid theft of your motorcycle and a list of recently stolen motorcycles. I found the rewards amusing ............. 20 to 25 dollars ! 4 sides in all. This could be a copy but if so it was a long time ago judging by the fading and patina.
Lastly I have a very good copy of the 1940-1941 "Indian Special motorcycle tools" catalog. It is chocked with tools and prices. Extremely cool and quite useful for ID'ing tools. 16 pages.
I am not sure how to attach pictures so please contact me for any more info and detailed photographs, Travis The Nimbus Nut at 719-641-6484 or nimbusnut@gmail.com