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Thread: Idian Junior Scout overboring for 30.50" to 30"

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    Default Idian Junior Scout overboring for 30.50" to 30"

    Any one have some experience with over-bored cylinders from 30.50" to 37" ?
    My little dilemma is I would like to ride this bike after all but is it worth to sacrifice original size?

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    Do you want to go faster? Realistically, even if you went from a 30.50" engine to a 37" engine; the engine is not going to become an unleashed animal. If you were to massage the engine to 45", it would be faster, but now you are looking at motor that might be too much for the frame/forks/tires, etc. The Junior Scout was always intended to be an entry-level machine, for the beginning rider. A Sport Scout is a faster machine that can handle the power/speed. You might want to go that route before hot-rodding the Junior Scout - which would likely have an unsatisfactory result no matter what you did. I not putting down the Junior Scout. The Junior Scout is fine for around-town light duty work. It was never intended to be a touring machine.

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