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Thread: 741 notchy clutch engagement

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    Default 741 notchy clutch engagement

    I am having an issue with the clutch on my 741. As I take off from a stop it is very difficult to slowly engage the clutch. It seems as though there is a tight spot in the worm release, but when I take everything apart I can't seem to find any tight areas.

    Also how is the worm release lubricated? Just by splashing oil? My worm release doesn't even have a seal at the end and I have never seen it drip a drop of oil. I normally run a straight 50W oil in the primary and trans.

    All these issues make the bike much more difficult to ride. Any help?


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    How many springs are you running in the clutch basket, with the scout you can run 12 springs instead of the 16 makes the clutch a little smoother.
    Also check to make sure the clutch pedal bolt is not bent or the clutch pedal spring is not to tight when it is being operated and binding the pedal.
    There needs to be enough tension/friction for it to hold in the engaged or toe down position when in gear.

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    Thank you very much! I removed 4 springs from the clutch pack today and wow what a difference! I also adjusted the engagement position of the rocker pedal, to allow the heel to be approximately 1" away from the floor board.

    Thanks again

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