Hello to every one,
Couple of months a go I started restoration of 1937 Junior Scout but so far every step I take do goes into deeper problem... Engine was moving freely, that's the only good thing about my engine. On top of many issues there was a large end play (side to side play) of 0.040", I took engine a part to pull out flywheels, to my surprise there was no thrust washer on drive shaft side of the flywheel, only side which had a washer was on the pinion shaft side.
The drive side of crank case have busing for drive shaft but is this correct to not have a thrust washer there??
I cant see imprinted part number on the flywheel to check if my wheels are correct for this motor. Next thing is, connecting rods don't have wrist pin bushings in them, this should be correct for Indian model 741 but for 30.50 or Junior Scout ??
Could someone refer machine shop in Chicago area to do flywheel balancing ?

Thank you for info !!