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Thread: Road rides at Barber National this weekend...

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    Default Road rides at Barber National this weekend...

    the Smoky Mountain Chapter is hosting road RIDES (not runs) both Friday and Saturday during the AMCA Lucas National at Barber. Included in the fee is trailer and ride support (if needed). The rides are about 100 miles round trip and should only take ~3 hours. The Friday ride to Talladega Superspeedway is limited, register now via the AMCA website. Here is an overview of each looks to be good based on today's forecasts.
    Steve Alexander
    Smoky Mountain Chapter - President

    The Smoky Mountain Chapter will be hosting 2 road rides during the AMCA Lucas Oil National event at Barber Motorsports Park, May 27 & 28th. Recommended advance registration is available on the AMCA homepage ( signup for those road rides . The Friday ride to Talladega will be limited to the first 50 who register via the website. Here are the details of the rides...

    Talladega Super-Speedway will be the destination location for our Friday road ride during the upcoming Lucas Oil National AMCA meet. The ride will depart Barbers at 9am and arrive at 'Dega by 10:30am. Once we arrive we will be escorted on a parade lap below the yellow line around the raceway. We will stop at the start/finish line for a photo opportunity for each rider. Included in the $40 fee will be entry into their motorsports hall of fame located on the property. Friday participants will be able to ride on the Saturday ride for no additional fee.

    On Saturday we will do an afternoon ride East of Barbers following some of the old stagecoach routes (paved), seeing covered bridges and grist mills along the route. The fee on Saturday will only be $10 per rider since there is no destination venue in play, but the roads/routes will be spectacular! The planned departure time on Saturday is 1pm.

    Registration for both rides is now available via the AMCA website under the road run registration section. Please register for which day you would like to ride. Friday registrants do not need to register for Saturday, it will be included. Road support for both rides will be provided.

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    Howdy Steve,

    Made the mistake, apparently now, of registering for the stage coach ride before the Talladaga online. Though I have gotten email confirmation of my banquet ticket and Keith Kizer has sent me the AMCA CODE for general Barber access I have no indication whether I made the 50 cut for the Talladaga. Will an email confirmation/rejection be sent out or those? If not having made the cut I'd like to know so I can bring a less road worthy machine just for putting around the Barber my Vespa.

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    We still have slots're in! There is a "road ride" assembly area near the chapter booths in the fanzone area. The Friday ride departs at 9am for 'Dega, see you there!

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    Thank you MrSteve!

    Well then, the Vespa just lost his ticket to the party, only room for a big hunt'n dawg in the van now.

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