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    My fuel tank shutoff was way out of alignment, I dont have the tool to line it back up and after doing some research I found a way to fix out. My tanks are already painted but this worked real well. You should probably put some rags or tape around the fitting.
    This is what I did. You will need a 1" deep well socket 1/2" drive and ratchet also a flashlight.
    Take the rod out of the fitting and install the fitting. Take the flashlight and look thru the top where the rod goes, you can tell which way the fitting needs to move. Put the deep well socket and ratchet on the fitting with the ratchet facing the way the fitting needs to move, then just start applying pressure. You will have to go past to get the fitting to line up right, but you can look into the hole and see when everything is equal. And no problems with the paint. Hope this helps somebody out there, Thanks Mike

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    The Factory tool was stupid anyway, as you had beat on it with a hammer at best.
    As you know, metal must be bent past the point you want it to spring back to: The sweet spot.

    I took a different approach, and depended a lot on the eyeball, even with a pilot.
    But it gave me a way to grip either top or bottom and "massage" accurately.

    Much of the battle is won by just lathe-dressing the original rod tip, 45 on the toolpost, to give 90 on the point.
    (I have oodles of PEEK scrap, but nothing would be better than the original...)

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    I made a tool set similar to yours' Tom (not quite as nice, however). I agree about visually aligning the rod by manipulating the top bushing, and bottom seat. Of course I finish by giving it the suck test, which I do in private, in accordance with Harley-Davidson's shop notes
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