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Thread: American Excelsior book

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    Thomas has sold out in Germany; I just put my last one on ebay.
    When it's gone, there won't be any more.

    Bob Turek

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    Some people approached me if I have an Excelsior Book left. I don`t, but my reseller in the Netherlands, Ellen Ritzen
    (ELPE MOTO PRODUCTS VOF) has a very few left. You can contact her. mailto:
    So this is your chance to get a last copy of this very rare book!

    regards Thomas
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    The American Excelsior Supplement is available.

    When we published the original book, there was a fair amount of information we had collected that we could not include to keep the book a reasonable size. We have gathered this material, organized it, and are publishing it as a paper-back Supplement. It contains information on Excelsior publications, model changes by year, serial numbers, Excelsior and Henderson personnel and racers, Excelsior and Henderson dealers, and sources. For more information, contact

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