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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaemo View Post
    I have already conceded but ........

    Do you know what those websites have that the AMCA doesn't have? Money. Lots and lots of money. That makes those companies a target for hackers. I can promise you that there is no team of Ukrainian hackers waiting to bust the AMCA forum wide open to unearth some old motorcycle enthusiasts e-mail address. What is the motivation for anyone to hack this site?
    Sorry, but you can't promise there are no hackers interested in the AMCA site. The examples I gave are ones with wide name recognition. However, tens of thousands of sites have been hacked for many different reasons. Here's a link to an article in Forbes saying 30,000 sites are hacked every day, giving some of the reasons it's done and citing the "misconception is that cyber criminals only go after large enterprises or government organisations":

    Nearly every university and college in the world has a computer science department, each with hundreds of undergraduate students practicing their skills, and "secure" sites like the AMCA are attractive to some of them for doing that. For a student to even attempt to hack into Goldman Sacks carries the very real risk of being caught and prosecuted. Not so with a site like AMCA.
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    The last AMCA roster was printed in 2013 and is available from Cornerstone Registrations at 866-427-7383. No fully searchable online roster is available to members.
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