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Thread: Get my a bike judged in Hawaii with no chapters

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    Default Get my a bike judged in Hawaii with no chapters

    Does your bike have to be judged at a AMCA meet I don't know of any chapters in Hawaii and I don't think they ever had a AMCA meet or any AMCA event in Hawaii if anyone knows some AMCA members in Hawaii who share the same interest let me know iam located on the big island

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    Great idea, Opihikao!

    Hope qualified judges can fly in....

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    We had the same problem in Europe nearly 15 years ago, and the solution is to form your own Chapter and have a National Meet. It only takes eight AMCA members, and I have several Hawaii customers just for the old Harleys, and look at all the Hawaiian bikes coming to the Christmas toy run. The AMCA is an all makes Club, so surely there must be enough members to make a start...

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    Opihikao & Steve
    The AMCA National roster indicates that there are eleven active AMCA members in the State of Hawaii (not including spouses). Though, it would be difficult to start an Hawaii Chapter, it would not be impossible. Opihikao, if you , or anyone else reading this post, would like information regarding starting a new AMCA Chapter, anywhere in the World, please contact me for an information packet. I'll be happy to send a packet by email or USPS
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    Unless the judges are knowlegeable.Judging sheet is just paper.Many owners of bikes avoided Davenport years ago because the best judges were there..and others wanted thier bike judged there for the same reason.

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