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Thread: Costs, Sources, and Suggestions for Paint.

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    Default Costs, Sources, and Suggestions for Paint.

    As I look at bikes, I am convinced that one thing I will probably have to do to any bike I buy is have it repainted. So many bikes are painted non standard colors, have automotive clear coats or have paint that is really tired. I am interested in going with single stage paints more like original and most likely a two tone combo. I love the black tank and fender tops with the brighter red fender sides and chain guard. Regardless, what type of budget are we looking at for a single stage enamel paint job that will cut the mustard for judging? What sources have you had success with? I am in the West Michigan area, any good painters that you can recommend in my area?



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    Do you plan to disassemble and deliver parts to paint shop and then reassemble when done, or are you looking for a turn key job.
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    I would do all the wrenching, just looking for an experienced painter that knows how to paint these bikes correctly.

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    This guy is in west Michigan
    I use ppg single stage + catalyst, any auto paint shop can do a good job.
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    First you need to chose a color. Jerry Greers has the Indian paint formula for most Indian colors. The number for the list is JG 3262. I used PPG Concept. This paint is not allowed to be used in California. I had to go out of state to find my paint. Which is two stage paint. I am very happy the way the paint turned out. Everything was around 200.00 for a qt, and hardener .includes shipping and tax. Stan

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