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Thread: Opinions on this "original" '46 Chief?

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    Default Opinions on this "original" '46 Chief?

    Can anyone comment on this original '46 Chief on ebay? It looks nice but paint patina almost seems a little too evenly spread.

    It appears to have a later two piece exhaust. Shouldn't it have black rims, handlebars, headlight, and dash?


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    That Chief looks very authentic to me. I've seen a lot of fake patina jobs, and that one has none of the tell-tale signs.
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    Looks interesting... but don't bid on it. Contact seller. He has no feedback as a seller. Talk to him. Bike is in Wichita... GO See it!

    I've bought a ton of vehicles (and sold a few) on eBay, always with good results. But I never, ever bid on them. I'll talk with the seller, if I can't go see it, I'll have a friend go and look. This is an expensive goodie no matter who you are. Don't ever buy sight unseen.

    If the seller is cagey, won't engage, won't let you talk to him/her on the phone and/or inspect the vehicle. Pass. There will be another one. There is always another one.

    The bike really looks interesting. But a seller with only one item currently listed... and with no seller feedback. And with no feedback in some time as a buyer... all alarm bells. eBay accounts do get hijacked/taken over. Or faked. Including Feedback. The scumbags have lots of ways. So treat it not like an auction, but like a classified ad.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes! And I bet you can find an AMCA amigo in the area to go scope it out for you.



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    I like it, whether it's original paint or not is hard to determine... the pictures are pretty weak Sirhr says, it would be really good to see it in person. Chrome wheels or handlebars aren't incorrect, the exhaust, tool box lock,and ammeter "might be" but it's such a late number for 1946 maybe you could get by with two piece exhaust.
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