On or about May of 2013 I sent my cases to Kenneth (Ken) Whitten to have a repair done on a front motor mount. I had met him on E-Bay origionally but soon learned that he knew and had done business with a few people I had met on this (AMCA) website. As a matter of fact the cases that I had purchased from an advertisement from the "for sale" section of this website from a member, had been sold to that member from Ken Whitten so the cases were actually going full circle for where they had started which both Ken and I thought was sort of neat. I had been purchasing parts from Ken to make this build and he seemed very knowledgeable and the origional parts I had purchased from him including an oil pump and lifter guides had been of exceptional quality. When I told him how much I liked the condition of these parts he said they were a mess when he got them and he had done quite a bit of work to get them in this condition. At this time he told me he had built the knuckle that was featured in the January 2013 issue of Easy Rider and had put his lower end together . I ask him if he would be willing to put mine together if I paid him and bought the rest of the parts from him. At this point he told me what parts he had, what parts he needed. How origional I wanted to keep it etc. etc. then I called the people on this web site that we both had dealings with including the man I bought the cases from and they all said he was a up and up guy and I could feel at ease with dealing with him. I sent the cases to Ken for repair from a third party that he knew could do it and had done some work for him. I thought it would be safer dealing with Ken since he always seemed to send my parts to me when I bought them from him and at this point we were just dealing with each other after the first e-bay deal. After it was decided he would do this in his spare time if I bought my parts from him and pay him for his time. He had access to all the speciality tools. We also decide it would take ten months to a year and that worked into my build quite well. I sent the cases along with the parts I had purchased from him.
Now back to current time, it's been two years, and when I can get a hold of him which has not been since March 17th he said he was having personal issues and had taken the cases and parts to someone names Dirty Harry whom I have no address or phone number and he was doing the work to help Ken catch up. I gave no permission for a third party to work on the cases at all but Ken said he had worked the deal and that the money end of it was taken care of. I had sent him Three grand for parts and labor and gave him a totally rebuilt M35 Linkert I had bought for five hundred bucks. Total I have about eight grand out for all this and although I every once in a while get a message from one of his family members who says his word is good, he no longer answers my texts or answers his phone or returns my messages from his website where I origionally met him which is kwskyimages@aol.com
He lives in Muskegon, Michigan . The VIN is 46FL6141 and I have every email, text, and receipt that we have had between us . Any info on my cases/ lower end would be appreciated. Also if anyone knows this person named Harry or Dirty Harry whose probably an innocent third party who may have my stuff, a phone number, address or any way I could get hold of him would be also appreciated.
I know how all this looks, and I had to send this out to try and get info on my own. I still have a spark of hope that extenuating circumstances is keeping Ken from getting hold of me. At least till I know for sure.
Any help at all . Would be greatly appreciated.
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