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Thread: Missing Shop Dope

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    Here are what I'm missing: 48, 53,

    66, Service Department Bulletin. June 15, 1920. How to attach Top and Windshield to 1918-19-20-21 Sidecars.

    70, 72,

    81, Service Department Bulletin. Two issues with this number. June 20. 1919. Care of the 500 Type Motor. May 10 1921. Care of the "E" Type Motor.

    86, Service Department Bulletin. June 15, 1920. Use our order form number 1315 for replacements and repairs. The reason for steel plate under one cylinder only, Sproket combination for double sidecar, Engine clamp plates on repaired frames, The three plate type of Exide battery, Fitting the Sport Model manifold. Sport model carburetor, Assembling sport model motor into frame, Tool for replacing recoil spring guide rods.
    91, March 1, 1921. Lubrication and carburetion of the 74" motor, Operating new 74" motors just out of the crate, Adjusting Schbeler Carburetors, Carburetor and motor valve springs, Fitting the manifold to the 74" motor.

    94, Service Department Bulletin. June 15, 1922. The new manual switch and buzzer,

    99, MECHANICS BULLETIN. Nov 1, 1923. Adjustment and repair of DCA and E motors.

    100, MECHANICS BULLETIN, April 1, 1924. Complete timing instructions for H-D motors.

    102, MECHANICS BULLETIN. June 10, 1926. Complete timing instructions for H-D motors.

    103, 104, 105, 108, 109, & 110.

    I have many that are only dated and not numbered.
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    Timing of the 1931-36 VL constant mesh kick starter is done by fitting the lowest tooth on the kicker quadrant gear between the two marked teeth on the starter clutch with the kicker in the vertical rest position.

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    Chris - I have the same manual and several others.

    Steve - I timed the starer last night. Once the side cover is off - very apparent. Thanks.
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