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    Since many of us may get the magazine up to four weeks later than others I would like to see the classifieds added to the web site the day the first issue ships or as they are submitted.
    Classifieds would gain a wider audience for sellers who could opt out of the online if they for some reason
    only want it the mag.This would give all buyers an equal shot.

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    That would give the advantage to online members-no more fair than the way it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by duffeycycles View Post
    That would give the advantage to online members-no more fair than the way it is
    Except that it may get more members to discover the forum Duffey. It's hard to believe so few members come here and don't take advantage of the knowledge, social aspects that make this such a great asset. Also, a seller can post pictures of what they're trying to sell; and like Confucius said; one picture worth a 1000 bucks
    Eric Smith
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    You can post your stuff on the forum can lead a horse to water....
    I have seen this with Walnecks..they used to post online 2 months before the magazine hit the stands-at least a month before subscribers got it..I sold a bike within hours of the online posting-made the magazine worthless
    Only one buyer gets the deal,no matter
    The new Walnecks posts 2 days after the subscribers get theirs---the opposite of what is being suggested here if that tells you anything

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    The reason Duffeycycles gave is why that I stopped getting Walnecks after being a subscriber since the 80s. There magazine was worthless to me. I think that a lot of our members are not using a PC and that is not going to change for quite awhile. And if I remember Walnecks were charging more to access it on line. As usual just follow the money.
    Jim D.

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    Good Point Eric 886
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