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    The link just blinks at me, Folks.

    When enough threads can be "picked up" for re-cutting, I take them down to 11/16"-20 for special bowlnuts that I commissioned from FickauPrototypes.
    This is the most economical approach.

    However, quite often this is not possible.
    When I developed my removeable appliance, I managed to keep the stub as meaty as possible. Even turning threads to 5/8" would be a compromise, so it is turned to 5/8" round, and retained internally with 7/16"-20 threads.

    I also use a fuel-proof coating to prevent future corrosion over the entire bowlstem and bowl interior.

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    Tom is right - pins are bad news! I don't use them. I've been doing the thread repair for about 15 years now and never had one come back. I've got nearly 20K miles on the DLX124 I repaired for my 440. There are a couple of guys out there doing good repairs on the pot metal bodies. Here's one I did recently - owner very happy after 001.jpgbefore 001.jpg

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