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Thread: star stepped hub rebuild

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    Default star stepped hub rebuild

    What would be the best source for 45 male big end race and sportster male big end race to rebuild a pair of star hubs for a 39 knuckle? Told these allow one to rebuild back to original factory specifications. No expert on this kind of stuff and need all the help I can get! Told hard chrome also possibility but I think my rebuilder will prefer to machine races and press in a new race. We are beyond the .002 oversize bearings available.
    I believe pressing in new race would be superior to trying to use the originals made larger for custom oversize bearings as the cages would need enlarging with an end mill. Seems like a lot of extra work compared to new races. My understanding is there never were replacement races back in the day, so i guess some genius's figured out the modern approach suggested. Any help appreciated. Marty

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    It gets expensive buying the sets. I find this one works well if you can get them.

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    The race from the 45 inch rod will work as it has 1.500 ID but you would have to remove a lot of material from the hub to get a fit. The XL race is 1.625 ID, too small for the hub on the brake side. The Timken approach is more reasonable, but the star side again requires a fairly large amount of metal removed for fit, potentially weakening the hub. It is possible to take the hubs to a specialty grinding shop and have new races fit, but gets expensive. The repair performed by AMCA member Lee Armitage has proven to be a reliable repair.
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    It is advisable to OD grind material from the races. That way not so much meat needs to be ID ground out of the hubs.
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