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Thread: Schebler DLX 75?

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    Question Schebler DLX 75?

    Is there a member of thus august body who know the application for a Schebler DLX 75? I've taken one in for bowl nut thread repair and have some questions... It's a regular enough looking DLX, but all 3 holes in the manifold flange are threaded. Anybody seen one like this

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    I haven't encountered a DLX75, but it would seem to be of the post-June of '29 potmetal vintage.

    Bronze bowlstem thread repairs are easy.
    Potmetal gets complicated.

    By all means, do NOT attempt to secure your appliance with a pin, or its failure will be insult after injury: The brittle diecast zinc just cannot accept it for duty and maintenance .

    Please post me direct at for my approach to this problem.
    (I would post it here, but Tedd's might steal that for their next catalog, like my other innovations they stole from this forum.)

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