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Thread: '17 J Rear Axle Spacers

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    Got some advice off of the Yahoo Harley JD site regarding the correct thickness for the rear axle spacers that go inside the frame axle plates as being .100"-.125". The picture shows the sprocket side so I'm assuming the advice is the same on the brake side. However, this doesn't seem to be enough to keep the rivet heads on the my brake plate from hitting the frame. The spacer face is basically flush with the outside surface of the brake plate. Any advice here? I could stack both spacers on the brake side, but somehow that just doesn't seem right.

    Jim Donaldson

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    I made those spacer to suit on my 1916. Motorcycles close to 100 years old will have different dimensions than they did when new. You know you want the wheel to be centered in the frame, and fender, so make the spacers the appropriate thickness.
    Eric Smith
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