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    Have a few pictures to post but also have a problem. I sent some parts off to be cad plated and the post office has lost the package. It was on its way to Dayton and the last place tracking shows is it leaving Cinncinnati. It has been over a month but I have 180 days to file the insurance claim but am in contact with Dayton PO to see if they can find it. I am holding out hope but the light is going dim.Later Mike
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    Good luck finding your parts. That would really bum me out. Nice looking start on your WL BTW Jerry

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    Sorry about your parts loss, it is one we all fear. May I ask what company you were sending your parts too? I live close to Dayton and was needing some cad plating done also. Thanks.
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    B and N plating 613 Daniel Street Dayton Ohio, Dan is who I talk to he's a good guy.

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    Replacement parts have begun to arrive,hopefully my paint will be done this week and I can post next week.

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