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Thread: STOLEN= '47 Knucklehead chopper in Portland area

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    Default STOLEN= '47 Knucklehead chopper in Portland area

    Any help is greatly appreciated. And please help spread the word.

    My Friend Duane's '47 knuckle chopper was stolen last week from his home in Portland.

    Built by Keino Sasaki in Brooklyn, Please be on the lookout and contact Duane with any information.

    Original '47 motor with s&s oil pump and later 4 rib pan cam cover, Baker trans, custom frame and springer, custom oil tank. someone could be trying to part it out or take it overseas.
    Let's catch these assholes.

    Thank you,
    more pictures on


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    It might get a little more attention if you ask a Moderator to move this up to the HOT SHEET / STOLEN MOTORCYCLES section where it belongs. 46

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