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Thread: Headlight for 27 JD

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    Default Headlight for 27 JD

    I have a question about the headlight for the 27JD.

    What type of wire connector does the headlight have... or not ? That is, is there an actual connector attached to the headlight, the wires connect to ?

    Or, do the wires simply enter the headlight through a hole with a grommet in the shell ?

    The reason i am asking, is confusion i seem to have, looking at my original 22-27 parts book compared with the 27-31 parts book.

    In the 22-27 parts book, the 4901-26 headlight complete assembly, distinctly appears to have a rubber grommet the wires pass through.

    In the 27-31 parts book, the 4901-26 headlight complete assembly, the headlight very clearly has some sort of connector protruding from the headlight which appears to have some sort of a nut near the end of the protrusion, i am guessing bakelite and knurled....

    the 27-31 parts book also shows 4904-27, headlight body, for 27-28 models, the headlight body which simply has a hole in it. The 22-27 parts book calls for the 4904-27 part, but shows no picture of the part.

    Looking at pictures i have of original 26, 27 and 28 machines, appears the 26 has the protruding connector and the 27-28 headlights have simply a hole with a robber grommet.... ?

    Thanks for your help answering this one !

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    Here you go.
    As far as I'm aware 1926 is a one year only headlight and it is the one in the first photo and has the protruding spud for the wiring loom connector.
    The 1927-28 headlight is the second photo and as you say has a hole for the loom to go through.
    The third photo is the connector plug for the 1926 headlight.
    And the final photo is the two headlights together.
    Hope this helps
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