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Thread: New member from Oz with a Switch box

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    Default New member from Oz with a Switch box

    I've been putting up a few HD parts onto ebay - dad was a collector and I am sadly tasked with selling his spares/parts for projects. This includes a switch box which has been restored and fits J models. There will be various J and JD parts coming up in the next few weeks on ebay.

    I am based in Australia but have joined AMCA to make contact with you guys over the pond since dad was a fan of old American bikes. My ebay is the australian one but you should be able to find me by searching out my seller name which is vintagemc123.

    I have also just set up a Wordpress website (early days) where I will be posting photos of dad's completed bikes and letting people know which are for sale and when and then we will be taking offers. The website is It's kind of a tribute site too. Dad is still with is but now very unwell.
    Anyway, if you have any feedback for me, that would be great. I am new to all this but trying hard to learn fast and am becoming a demon with identifying carburettors! I am also really happy that so many people have been so kind at sharing their knowledge with me. Bike people are good people.
    Best to you all.

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    You've got some nice bits there. That JD dash is a 1926-1928 style by the way.

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