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Thread: Remove O. D. green paint from aluminum cases

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    So you saying that you don't use plastic media because you don't have a dedicated basting cabinet. Not that it does any harm? Blasting cabinet $700.00 clams. Engine rebuild starting at $40K. Just plain cheap and dumb. Bob L

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    Robert, You use a cleaning method that you prefer. Sirhr uses a method that he prefers. For you to say " Just plain cheap and dumb" because Sirhr doesn't use the method that you prefer is just plain wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Luland View Post
    So please enlighten me Sirhr to why plastic media would interfere with a rebuild of a combustion engine? Any residuals will blow right off. If there is anything left, it sure isn't going to score anything or plug anything up. In fact any microscopic particles that would be in there would just mix withe oil and come out in the next change. So enlighten to why. Bob L
    you'll need to be meticulous in blocking off anywhere you don't want the **** to get into. it may be that these are simple cases where you can clean everything but often that's not the case and remember that internal drillings etc will not be perfectly clean and the stuff will stick like it like **** to a blanket. if the cases are going to be repainted the bead blasted surface is good to key the new paint on

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