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Thread: Four timing

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    Quote Originally Posted by L Burke View Post
    Those interested in timing 4 cylinders might take a look at the newest timing manual for distributor and magneto timing by "Wire By Wire" Goddard, Ks. Bill Gordan along with Jerry Ottaway have put together an expanded 25 page 8 1/2 x 11 manual, actual pictures and drawings for 1928-41 Indian4 and 1920-31 Henderson. Book covers all phases of setup camshaft-to-crankshaft timing, Gen/distributor installation and timing, magneto installation and timing.

    See listed on eBay $24.95 free delivery under Indian4. PayPal or message me for my mailing address, cash or checks and PayPal direct.
    I agree, there is very little information about the fours in general, but this booklet on ignition timing and adjustment is an absolute godsend, mainly due to the author writing down his knowledge and information and then sharing it with us.

    The same goes for the Liberty linkert booklet.

    I just wish I could find the one on crankshaft balancing that was around a couple of years ago on ebay.

    I hope you got your timing sorted in the end Stan

    Regards Paul
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    Thanks Paul,
    Appreciate the reply and the 'note of appreciation' !

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    Regarding timing instructions for the Indian 4, I found the book from Larry Burke extremely helpful. It explains basic engine function in a simple and precise way, especially for someone who has no previous experience with these engines. Most helpful to me was the instructions for finding TDC on the compression stroke for the #1 cylinder without pulling the front cylinder head.
    Dave Bucco

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    Thanks Dave, really appreciate your comments! For those who don't like Ebay, you can call me and order direct. Thanks all again for your input. Just an update, Bill is putting the final touches on a very large manual on Henderson. Will keep all posted. The new wiring manuals for 4s are done, new drawings, plus new protection circuit added.
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    Howdy chaps,

    Think I've mentioned it on this forum before, but if you're on the road and have twirled your distributor around repeatedly and lost any sense of a reference point you can get back to a baseline in less than 5 minutes if you don't have an oil filter fitted. Pull you exhaust side adjuster cover and then your timing cover. Number 1 rod is readily visible.

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