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Thread: Powerplus or Bust, Eh?

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    Default Teaser Photos - The Chassis

    I haven't had a chance to start work on the Indian yet, but I thought I'd throw up a few pictures of the bike as I got it, for your viewing pleasure.

    More to come...


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    Jake: I wouldn't have driven to Northern Canada for that... I'd have driven to Siberia, Ulan Bator or off the edge of the earth for that!!! What a great project and I bet you do C.O. proud. I have a lead on a PP (1917)... but don't know if it will pan out. And I don't need more projects. Maybe I can live vicariously through your restoration... if you post enough pictures. Thanks for sharing!



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    Default Teaser Photos - The Engine

    These are some of the pictures that Cory took as he disassembled the engine, which is my starting point.

    Stay tuned, more to come....


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    Default Teaser Photos - The Sidecar

    Again, pictures as I got it - for your viewing pleasure. Some of these have been posted on the site before, on a different thread. I wanted to post them on this thread as sort of a starting point

    I can't wait to get back from NC, finish the Trumpet, and start on the Injun.


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    Default On the rack

    Happy Independence Day.

    The '64 ISDT Tribute is off the rack and on the road:

    And the '16 Indian is on the rack:

    And I had a nice phone conversation with Ziggy in Ontario today, about linkages and stuff. I'm looking forward to meeting him at Wauseon.

    I'll post some detailed pictures soon.



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    sure looks like a great bike. thanks for sharing. gw

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    Default Taking stock of the handlebar controls

    Here's a picture of the other side.

    The effort so far has been finding the major parts that I'm missing. I found a transmission and a clutch, or at least most of a clutch.

    Now I'm looking over the handlebar and making a list of stuff I need. I have a handle bar. The right side (magneto) twist grip and associated flexible link are missing:

    The left side (throttle) twist grip is there:

    As is the left side flexible link through the handle bar:

    Those handlebar control parts will probably be replaced with new reproduction stuff, since they tend to wear out and I intend to ride this bike.

    I'm missing the mag control lever and mag control frame stud on the right side of the steering neck:

    And I'm missing the throttle control lever on the left side of the steering neck, but I do have the throttle control frame stud:

    Of course, I also need the rods and clevises that go from the handle bar flexible shafts to the control levers on the neck.

    The next pivot point is on the front downtube, in front of the engine. A rod, which I don't have, goes from the lever on the right side of the steering neck to the lever on the right side of the downtube. The lever on the right side of the down tube is clamped to the shaft that goes through the frame lug, and there should be another lever clamped to the shaft on the left side that then connects to another rod (also missing) that goes down to the magneto. This picture shows the frame lug and the right side lever that is clamped to the shaft:

    On the left side of the down tube there is a lever that pivot's free on the shaft. I need the rod & clevises that go from the lever on the left side of the steering neck to this lever, and then from this lever to the carburetor:

    It sounds like Ziggy can fix me up with replacements for most of these missing and worn out control parts, so I will be seeking him out at Wauseon, vendor location 391. The one exception might be the rod that goes to the Schebler carb, but he thought he could get me enough info that I could make one.

    Stay tuned - more to come. I'm being called to lunch.



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    Default Wheels

    The entire brake assembly seems to be missing:

    Does anyone know what this little lug on the swingarm is for?

    There's one on the drive side too, but it's missing it's little cap:

    The final drive chain and sprocket actually look like they could be saved. It has that skip link chain though, and all of the drive sprockets I've seen (in the short time that I've been looking) are not skip link. Does anybody know what the original configuration was?

    I'll probably replace the tires:

    Everything seems to be in order with the front wheel, other than a few bent and broken spokes.

    I have a spare rear wheel too. Someone attached solid rubber to it in place of the pneumatic tire. You gotta love the spoke repairs:


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    Hey, Kevin! Good to see you sinking your teeth into this. Looking good! Those lugs on the swingarm are stops for the rear stand. The stand has arms that stick out from it and butt up against these. Hope this helps. I have an unrestored '17. A lot is different but some things are the same. I can help with photos of anything if you need. Dale

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    Thanks Dale. I'll probably take you up on that.

    They have a restored '17 Powerplus in the museum in Anamosa, IA that I've taken some pictures of, to help me sort this thing out. They also have a '13 twin, a '14 Hendee Special, and a '15 C-3 Big Twin. Their '17 doesn't have those lugs on the swingarm, is that how yours is? Here's a picture:




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