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Thread: new guy from Oceanside ny

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    I can not figure out how to reduce the size of the picture. It seem s ok when I just paste it on the message window?? Here is the other side of the 65

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    Hello Paddy, and welcome. Your '65 is beautiful, and you must ride it alot if you're looking for 5 gal. tanks. Personally, I think it looks perfect with the 3.5s. Regarding your avatar; have you tried attaching the picture directly from a picture file in your documents, and not going through Photobucket?
    Eric Smith
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    Eric. Thank you.I did not try that due to the fact that on the other sites it never let me do it but I'm going to try it now that you mention it when I get home.I'm just looking to go to five gallon tanks because that was the signature for 1965 3 and a half gallon tanks look nice but actually sitting on the bike they feel a little small for me I'm 6 foot 3 280 pounds and I actually had to put highway pegs on the crash bars which I really don't like to do .just sitting to far foward with the deluxe solo seat. I had sent my buddy seat down to chucknjo at the saddleshop and from my understanding its going to be a five month wait so I put the highway pegs on just to be halfway comfortable as myknees don't bend all the way from a construction accident years ago.that bike is mainly my Sunday rider As I am usually out fishing when weather permits and the fish are there of course. Paddy

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    Paddy, If you were on a Macintosh I would tell you to open the photo in Preview, then go to Tools, then Adjust Size... then simply keep shrinking it down 'til it's 19kb or less. then upload it from you computer instead of one of the photo sites. But I don't know how things would work on a PC.... sort of like taking an Indian guy and asking him about Harleys!
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