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Thread: 1916 Emblem Big Twin, new find

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacke2speed View Post
    I am curious as to how you dated your Emblem as 1916.
    In the area, there are some Emblem twins that are around.
    There is an early twin with atmospheric intake valves, I do not remember the year.
    There is a what we think might be a 1912 twin with mechanical intakes but has the early double “C” rims on it.
    There is a what we think might be a 1914 twin with mechanical intakes and has an eclipse two speed hub.
    mine has the last refinements on the motor, oil pump drive or something (can't recall off the top of my head and the bikes 2 hrs away getting work done on it) and it has a brace on the rear frame triangle, also kick starter model, eclipse countershaft clutch i think is the same as earlier models, but with the toothed exterior for the kicker. mine also has a 2 speed hub.

    are any acccesible to photograph in detail by any chance, particularly the later model one
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    How are things going on your Emblem, Graeme? Have you found a gas tank, or good dimensions?
    Eric Smith
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