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    I have been putting together a 1909 Thor IV, chain drive and battery points model, and am needing parts. I do not have any parts sources, this is my first Thor and the oldest restoration I have done. I know I will have to make some of the parts. Some of the parts needed are: pedal cranks, coaster brake plates, hand grips, an axle ball cone that is a nut also, inner front axle, seat post.
    I could not find any forums for this bike. If anybody has any info on that it will help.
    Thanks For Your Help,
    Kevin Monahan

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    Welcome Kevin. I've used this quote from our very own Bud Cox many times; you could have started your 1909 Thor project 50 years ago, or you could start it 50 years from now, either way, it would be just as hard. I've been in your shoes and when it comes to early motorcycles, the spare parts are almost non-existant. If there are a few parts out there, they are in the hands of someone that isn't interested in money, but they would probably trade for Cyclone parts I think your best bet at getting your bike finished is to make the parts yourself, and that will be an adventure by itself. This forum is a great place to get the message out there and you will be able to network, and find the people that can help you. I think it's important to be persistant, and follow up every lead. The first Thor person you find will tell you about another.
    Eric Smith
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    Welcome to the forum Kevin. Eric gave you some very sound advice. Best of luck with your Thor.
    Cory Othen

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    Hi guys,
    I'm from Europe and I'm looking for Thor stickers for My 1904 Thor Camellback project, also need a hand grip controls- mechanism parts- They were same for RS, Thor, Racycle.. motorcycle until 1907

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    Dear Kevin, we have a few Thors in Europe, mostly Scandinavia I think. It will take a while but I can put your want list in our next European Chapter newsletter if you wish. A printed want ad in the AMCA magazine would also reach those not on this bulletin board. Like Eric says, you need to dig in for the long term on this project.

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