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Thread: Solid State Three Post Relays

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    Does it look like and mount like a stock relay if so the v-tronics website offers a wiring diagram for theirs that should work. Look inside it should be a diode or a resistor or whatever ( I'm electronic challenged).

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    Thanks for the help guys. I got a Custom Chrome Inc. solid state voltage regulator, made by “Motor Works” PN# 28092. It has red and green LEDs to indicate whether it’s making power or not. CCI called me and gave me the hook-up instructions for the Red, Green & Black wires and they were surprisingly logical. Green-Field, Black (the color of) Battery and Red to the Armature where you touch a Hot jumper wire to polarize the generator. Also the idiot light for the dash comes off of the Armature post. The idiot light is powered ON when the generator Is Not Making Power. When it IS making power, the idiot light gets an additional Hot off of the gen. (And looses it’s ground) and the light Goes Out because it no longer has a ground (it has two hots). Thanks again.
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