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Thread: Help ID'ing some bikes.

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    See if these help.

    I am intrigued by the seat setup(s). One has a clear backrest. I've seen those before in pictures... clearly an accessory seat for someone who spent a lot of time on a bike. But what about the back seat? Moonlighting with the wife on the bike? If it was a POV and he was reimbursed, I could see the second seat... but unusual to see on a police bike.

    Also note large (car-sized) plate on the front fender. No L.E. License plates in VT at that time. So putting the police plate on the fender made sense? Or is a placard that says "Police?"

    Thanks to everyone who has responded. Steve, I have tried to contact the PMM... but their Web site is acting up, so no e-mail is available. We're going down for the Vintage Races in a few weeks, so will stop by then and see what we can find.


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