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Thread: Swapping shifter from right to left side on 439

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    Found an original left hand shift lever and all the other parts from the right side shift simply swapped over to that shifter. This morning I swapped the cables (owner apparently had cut them so could not just swap what they controlled) and solved my stiff twist grip issues. Not sure what my late friend used for grease, but it is more like lapping compound. Once I cleaned that out of the twist grip area, they both worked smooth and easy.

    Need to order a new battery and check drop the float bowl for an inspection and maybe float replacement and I should be ready for the maiden voyage.

    Rob Sigond
    AMCA # 1811

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    I had the same issue when I first bought my 36 Cheif. Been riding HD hand shifts for about 40 years and everything being opposite was troublesome for me not to mention the only book I got with it was for 40 and up Cheifs. It says first is all the way forward. Well that is true for 40 but 36 shifts on the tranny and first is all the way back. Can't tell you how many times I stalled that sucked out in the drive way and not to mention reving the throttle or retarding the timing in the panic. I'm too old a dog to learn too many new tricks. My neighbors must havebeen rolling on the floor and had a good laugh watching me struggle with that bike. I finally decided that one thing I needed to do was get the throttle and spark switched so I didn't kill my self. I know, sacraliege to true Indian riders but.... Once I found out the correct position for first and switched the throttle to the right I was good to go. Some may think it weird but I simply reach over to shift and I am perfectly comfortable doing it. It took about 10 minutes to get the clutch deal squared away but now it is firmly planted that it is heel to go on Indian. The simple switch over of the throttle and spark cables solved the panic situation dilema for me. I bought the lever to switch to left hand shift and it sits on the shelf as the throttle situation solved my issues plus now any Indian rider will be confused ????? when they try to ride my bike with the throttle on the right. That bike is a blast to ride and light and nimble and good power to weight ratio. Have fun with however you work it out!

    Tom (Rollo) Hardy
    AMCA # 12766

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