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Thread: Restoration of a Bosch ZEV magneto

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    Quote Originally Posted by T. Cotten View Post
    I would certainly like to know how to insert the pics into the text in order, as well as edit old uploads.
    Quote Originally Posted by TechNoir View Post
    Hello BoschZEV. I have exactly the same issue as yourself both on this forum and other forums. I have worked out where I am going to host my photos but I cant edit the links in old threads.
    There are pros and cons to locking posts after a reasonable length of time to allow for fixing errors. If posts could be extensively edited or altered then subsequent posts that referred to them could end up not making any sense. However, Photobucket's change of terms shows why rigidly imposing such a policy also can unintentionally end up making posts cease to make sense.

    Beyond the issue of editing old posts, the software on which the AMCA Forum is built lacks anything like modern image-handling capabilities (it isn't unique in this respect). Unfortunately, the site functions today essentially like a wordprocessor of the 1980s before the WYSIWYG of WordPerfect came along, i.e. with the embedded formatting codes of WordStar. This shouldn't be acceptable.

    In the last ten years everyone has had a camera with them all the time, resulting in gazillions of photographs, and fundamentally changing the way people communicate. Unfortunately, this site and others have no more functionality than a 30-year old wordprocessor, "upgraded" only in that thumbnails can be attached in a row to the end of a post. What is sorely needed is a site that works like a modern wordprocessor rather than like WordStar.

    Our bikes have to be from the 20th Century to qualify for the AMCA, but that doesn't mean the Forum's software has to as well.

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    Hello BoschZEV & others who have this same issue.

    If old posts cant be edited then I have considered another option. I could close the old thread to new posts and start a new one.

    The way I do build threads is I write them offline in a text document adding the code for the photos as I go. Then when I am happy with it I copy it into a new reply. The photos have a similar name ending in a number so its easy to change the text for the next photo by just changing the number in the code for the hotlink

    So I could start a new thread and post all of my build thread again but it would be missing all of the replies and discussion so if anyone in the future looking at my new thread would have to refer to the old thread to get the full context of the historical stuff.

    Like I said above this is just an option, my preference would be to update the original thread.


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    I do not need to edit old posts, Folks!

    (Normally I post what I mean and mean what I post. Even when I'm wrong.)

    But I need to manage the 'manage attachments' feature.
    Two bad clicks uploaded a customer's invoice instead of what I had intended, and I can't see how to kill it.
    It never went to a forum post.

    I wuz in a hurry.

    And my mouse hand is crippled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoschZEV View Post
    ...I have all the text and images organized on my computer, but simply relinking/reloading all those photos would take a lot of time. I don't want to just move to a different photo hosting site since the same thing easily might happen again.
    BoschZEV - Would you consider offering the complete manual in PDF form, or printed-out and mailed? I, for one, would be willing to pay for a digital or one-off print copy that I could refer to again and again without worrying about images being dropped or pages disappearing. Excellent work, btw. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evet View Post
    BoschZEV - Would you consider offering the complete manual in PDF form, or printed-out and mailed?
    Thanks very much for your post. The problem is the material is in a thread I wrote for the internet that is basically linear in time, which isn't how I would organize it in an "archival" printed manual. It not unlike the situation of a mechanic being reluctant to do a quick job on a bike as a favor, knowing that later some people likely will judge the quality of his work by something he intended only to be a temporary fix.

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