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Thread: Clincher tyre tubes and pressures

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    Default Clincher tyre tubes and pressures

    Dear All, a customer just made it 300 yards down the road before both tubes blew out on his newly restored 1927 Harley J model, running 3.85 x 20 clinchers. What tubes and pressures should he have been using?

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    87090 28X3 TR-4 MS CYCLE TUBE $12.95
    89200 17" - 22" RIMSTRIP $2.99
    From Coker. I run at 35psi.
    Bill Gilbert in Oregon

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    Those are good questions Steve. I ran 50 p.s.i. in my Series 20 Excelsior with 3.85 x 20 Clinchers with no problems. As for inner tubes. I ride a bicycle every day and have had at least 40 flat tires in the past 5 years. Without sounding xenophobic, all I can find are Chinese inner tubes and they are junk. I've looked on-line and cannot find quality tubes. For what it's worth, I now slit old tubes and wrap them around the new tubes to give some more protection.
    Eric Smith
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    35 PSI sounds low to me. I run my 28X3's at 50 psi, never had a problem. The whole design of the clincher relies on high pressure to keep the tire on the rim.

    Gene Harper

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    Agree with Eric and Gene, been told the Chinese tubes are not any good at all. Try for Japan or Europe for tubes, that's what Rotten Richard told me, good luck.

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    Hi guys. i race at davenport every year and what the race guys do is to take electrical tape and tape the inside of your rim around the area were the spokes are. in other words the center of the rim. use a good tape and go around it several times at lease 8 to 10 times.. next use the correct tube for the tire . 28/3 clincher. or what ever tire size it is for. i know that some of the guys use the harley tube for a 21/3 tube. i guess that works just fine.. and they use about 50 pounds of air. if your useing a tube from a china or elsware you will want to put at lease 50to 60 pounds of air. most important is that you clean the rim and tire with a good soap and water . and make sure that you dry it well. this works very well for us on the race track.i hope this helps you out. thanks John Mertens . board track racer #24 #21 #23.Mertens race team.

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    Imagine going into a sweeping curve at about 40-50 MPH and having your tire come off your rim....It's never happened to me but I think about it alot when riding a clincher rimmed bike. I would not run any thing under 50 psi.
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