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Thread: fender tip 1940-4 indian

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    Default fender tip 1940-4 indian

    does anyone know if a fender tip was stock on a 1940-4. if so which one...and if not which one would be period correct.......seen many and no one seems to know whats...what.........thanks chris

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    Chris, I was looking through the complete 1940 Indian News book that Butch Baer and Sons compiled. I didn't see a single Chief, or Four with a fender tip, or any accessory ads that featured a fender tip. There were, however quite a few Chiefs and Fours with front bumpers that I assume were aftermarket. That doesn't mean there wasn't a fender tip available, but I would guess that it came later in '40 or '41. You really should check out the Butch Baer, Indian News books. I think those books give the restorer, and historian a good feel for what was "real world' back then.
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    My 40-4 has the large stamped Indian head type tip. Thinner stamped steel. Not sure if it came this way but it has been on there a long time. Looks like the rest of the bike.
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