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    Hello to all. I just joined today. I recently bought a Honda CL 350 (1972) and a 67 FL. The Honda is in great shape with only 5k miles. But I am writing and joined beacuse of the 67 FL.
    The left side tank isin rough shape on the bottem. An old weld let go and the shop had to fix it with fiberglass because there was not enough metal left to weld to. Any idea about where I can get the tank repaired or find a new one?
    bob from RI

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    Hello and welcome. Assuming you have five-gallon tanks, they are readily available at any AMCA swapmeet or on ebay. Always buy the best example you can find. Also, there are different versions of the tanks though they may appear identical at first glance. The mounting tabs on the later versions is a bit heavier with a larger hole on the top front tab, also the petcock is different. Your petcock should be male thread.

    In addition there are 66 one-year only tanks, with the petcock on the right-hand side in front of the carb.

    You should be able to find just the one tank you need, though I would seriously check out the other tank. If it is also questionable, just buy a matched set which, in my experience, is easier to find.

    I would also stay away from reproduction tanks, there are enough original ones out there so you should pass on a repop.
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    thanks for the information. I have been searching for a set of tanks for the 67 Fl but no luck. I have been told they made this particular tank from 67-71. The mounting holes for the plate on the side is about 6 5/8 inches. I have the 5 gallon tank setup.

    The shop ended up using fiberglass to repair and then resealed the inner. I just don't trust a fiberglass repair.

    Anyone have a set or left side they would like to sell?


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