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Thread: New Knucklehead Cases

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    Default New Knucklehead Cases

    Hi, Just wanted to get some other views and coments.
    with the demand for Knuckleheads going up, Its getting hard to find original cases and motors
    the replacement cases are getting better. What vin. numbers are people going to be use ?
    Not everyone has a broken case with a good vin. number, that needs to be replaced.
    Are they going to start picking original vin. numbers, out of thin air ?
    I just do not think, that someone that builds a 41 Knuck, will be happy with a builders vin. number
    Does anyone think this may be future problem ? Thanks LJH

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    If you have a knuck with a broken or bad case, as you say, you'll have a vin number. No problem with that. If you pick a vin number out of thin air, and get a title, you will be a very lucky man. If your 'lucky number' happens to be someone elses vin, you just bought yourself a problem.
    Don't buy the replacement cases unless you have something to replace. Just my humble opinion. That's worth exactly what it cost. Zip...

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    Default knuckle

    s&s makes a complete motor very nice. i also see v twin has one. if you start with repo cases/ frame what you end up with is what it is.

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    Hi, this question was more of a concern in the future of the hobby.
    I have been collecting for over 20 years, I already have my Knuckleheads. so no problem for me.
    I guess restamped vins has always been a problem, they are just going to get better at them.
    maybe if there is a problem, the oldest title wins ?

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    The newest wins jail time. And loses-----his bike.
    D. A. Bagin #3166 AKA Panheadzz 440 48chief W/sidecar 57fl 57flh 58fl 66m-50 68flh 70xlh

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    Quote Originally Posted by D.A.Bagin View Post
    The newest wins jail time. And loses-----his bike.
    That's what I was trying to say...

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    There has already been an attempt to pass a bike with these reproduction cases and newly stamped numbers through our judging system. Fortunately this one was discoverd.They are very difficult to detect so others may not be detected.
    Buyers beware! that AMCA judged bike may not be what you think it is?
    Pete Reeves 860

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