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Thread: Electronic ignition for Indian 841

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    Default Electronic ignition for Indian 841

    Does anyone know of any problems with converting the distributor on an Indian 841 to electronic?
    I'm hoping the 90 degree V engine configuration will not complicate things.
    George Tinkham
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    Not if you adapt an eBeyond2000, George. Talk to Ed, the inventor. The unit will fire every time the magnet in a rotor fitted to the top of the points cam passes the firing point. The trick would be in the rotor, with two magnets built into it, probably.
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    Hope this helps! I'll never forget the help you gave me last year at the Springfield Mile, George! Thank you again.
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    Howdy George,

    Clyde Crouch makes the superb unit sold through Rocky Halter. Similar to many Hall units it is a switch that senses a magnet passing the sensor and this assembly presses onto your rotor with its inner profile contoured to the cam to ensure accurate location. He might possibly be able to mold the right one for your app. I've used these units on four machines for years, they are without fault and I'd not hesitate to even attempt making up the rotor portion myself if not commercially available, they're that good.

    For those installing one of these in a standard configuration, if the magnet assembly does not grip your rotor tightly, using permatex on a cleaned surface, glue it down, then ensure that your rotor does not foul any part of the underside of your distributor cap as fitting this piece elevates the resting position of your rotor slightly within the distributor.

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